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Pvc mesh laundry bags

  • heavy duty mesh laundry bag

    Pvc Mesh laundry bags

    standard size is 28x3610 hoop
    1/2" polypro flat webbing draw cord

  • inside and outside hoop handle reinforced with 1" webbing .

  • mesh laundry bags

    available in different colors, white, black, navy, royal blue, green, orange, yellow, red, light blue, teal

  • tapered size is 28" - 18" x 36" with 3 handles
    8 or more nylon hoops with gromets for every closure with a plastic tie available.

  • mesh laundry bags

    outwear cloth 4 to 1
    reduces linen / garment mildew problems
    lowers processing costs
    cut resistant

  • polyester thread with poly vinyl chloride soating.
    tear strength 200 psi.
    heat sealed at 380 degrees Fahrenheit